How we work

We are the world's only strategic consultancy to take a holistic and expansive approach to building luxury brands and purpose-led businesses, focusing on the creative at the helm. We have three tiers suited to where your business is in the growth journey, so you can get the right support to take you to the next stage of success. Our ultimate ambition is to level up all our leaders so their business is flourishing and we are able to invite them to our House Bespoke Consultancy and Commercial Representation when they are ready.

  • The House - Strategic Consulting & Commercial Representation

    The House is our bespoke, creative luxury brand & business strategic consultancy, where we also offer commercial representation. This is for brands who want to achieve higher eight figures. They are either: - established brands at a cross-roads in their journey, such as reaching a certain growth threshold, or those looking to build up their commercial opportunities, while cementing their position as a true luxury player. Programs start at six months, which can be extended for Commercial Representation. Pricing is available on request. Learn more below.

  • The Studio - Private 121 Strategic Consulting & Coaching

    Through The Studio we focus on transformational, private 121 brand & business strategic consulting & coaching programs for luxury or high-end brands at mid-six and seven figures. It is for those who want to raise the bar - reinforcing their development of a luxury brand, alongside optimising their existing business and revenue streams, so they can continue their growth. Investment is £10,000 p/m for the three month program, which can be extended as needed for ongoing high-level support. Learn more below.

  • The Circle - Elite Group Strategic Consulting & Coaching

    The Circle is our breakthrough immersion program exclusively for high-achieving creatives who want to lay firm foundations to get their business to mid-six figures, enabling them to start making true impact and creating rapid change in their business, brand and life. This is also perfect if you haven't started your business yet and want help refining your business idea and early stage planning. Investment is £5,000 for the six-week program, which can be extended for ongoing high-level support. Learn more below.

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