Our Studio 12 week program is for driven creative leaders who want to scale their business beyond seven figures

We establish your current place in your growth journey, before working with you to develop the strategy, systems and action plan to optimise your brand, business and expansive creative life. We use our Creative CORE framework to ensure you're on course to get the scalable results you set out to achieve.

  • 1. Leader and Financial Foundations

    We start with a brand and business audit to understand where you are now and where you want to get to. We unlock your highest vision of success, along with developing your market leader mindset and outlining your tangible personal and business goals. We start refining your business strategy - crucially identifying areas for commercial growth that are aligned with your brand and you as a leader. By the end of this phase, you will have a solid understanding of your financial plan and a clear direction for your success roadmap.

  • 2. Brand Desire & Customer Attraction

    In this phase we identify your true ideal customer, get under their skin and understand what will make them fall in love with your brand. Using the tools of the most desirable and profitable brands in the world, we will develop your luxury or high-end brand DNA, identity and approach to customer attraction. By the end of this phase, you will have a market-leading brand strategy, vision of your brand development and solid growth plan to accelerate your business.

  • 3. Systems for Scaling

    One of the critical factors needed for you to comfortably scale your business, lies in the systems and processes you put in place that will allow you to focus on growing the business. The aim for all our programs, is for leaders to have more time, freedom and resources - this is based on developing the right operations and support structure needed for your unique business and circumstances. By the end of this final phase, you will have an outline of every area of your business, as well as measurement tools to track your success in reaching the targets we identified at the start of the program.

Who is this for?

This is ideal for creative leaders who have an established luxury or high-end business at around mid-six or seven figures. It is for those who want to raise the bar - balancing the development of a luxury or high-end brand, alongside optimising their existing business revenue streams so they can continue their growth.

It is for those who want to take the inspired action of a market leader, and to start implementing their learnings. Ultimately, this is for you if you are ready to start creating a transformation to take your business beyond seven figures.

You get global, market-leading, 121 senior advisory that has shaped many of the world's most successful brands, high-growth start ups and niche design-led businesses.

This is a done-with-you strategic consulting, coaching and mentoring program, which consists of 121 sessions, as well as activity to be completed each week, with continual email support as needed.

We advise allowing a few hours a week to get the most benefit from the program.

Ongoing strategic advisory after the 12 week program includes 121 in-depth strategy sessions and daily access to our strategic consultancy, advisory and connection to our network whenever you need it.

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Our Studio 121 program is an initial three month program, which can be extended for ongoing strategic advisory as needed.

About Joon Haque

"I’m passionate about anchoring creativity with a solid commercial foundation that allows creatives to live their highest potential.

I launched this Collective to champion incredible creatives who put their heart and soul into their work. I want to equip them with the resources to truly thrive on their own terms, so they can continue sharing their gifts for many years to come. Imagine how many people they will touch and inspire through their work. Imagine how much more beautiful the world will be because of it.

Joon Haque - Creative Brand & Business Advisor;

Founder of Beautiful World Collective

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“Working with Joon has always been a pleasure. She has a knack for uncovering the main challenges in a business idea, before working up a simple and effective strategy to ensure all parties know what they're doing and can move forwards. If you want clarity in your business and to build brand appeal, this is your woman.”

Lauren - London, Interior Designer

“What a joy. If you are looking for practical business building advice, solid strategy and a flair for creativity - this is it. You found it. Joon and Beautiful World Collective are inspiring and genuinely want you to do well. So generous with ideas. If only more consultancies were like this. ”

Frank, Berlin - Bespoke Accessories Brand

“Working with you and your team has really changed the way we think about our brand and our place in this industry. It’s reassuring to know we are building something so strong and I know we’re in a safe pair of hands. Looking forward to continuing this great work with you.”

Miles, London - Creative Director

“I love working with you. You’ve been so good and patient, taking the time to work in all the things I want to do with my brand. This has been fun and I wasn’t expecting that. Now I know we’re on to something and it’s going to be huge. Looking forward to building this with you and can’t wait to see where we’re going to take it from here.”

Sarah, LA - Fashion Designer

“If you're looking for a great strategist that understands business as well as how to make a luxury brand desirable, Joon is it. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Oliver, London - Artisanal Homeware Brand

“A rare breed of business minded and a creative whizz. It's uncommon someone has both sides of understanding what makes a commercial success as well as being a creative force, but Joon defies this and presents both in one person. And she's down to earth and great to work with. Always positive and level headed in any situation, she's ace.”

Simon, New York - Men's Grooming Brand

“Lucky for all of us Joon Haque - a real life visionary - has launched this. If you want to learn, transform and become the best in your field - this is for you. Genius.”

Jessica, London - Luxury Wellness Therapist

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