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Our Circle immersion program is exclusively for high-achieving entrepreneurs who want to lay firm foundations to get their business anywhere from zero to mid-six figures and beyond, enabling them to start making true impact and rapid change in their business, brand and life.

Join our Beautiful World Circle immersion program for transformational mentoring, intimate group strategic coaching, industry expert masterclasses and ongoing support to bolster the foundations of your brand and business to achieve maximum success.

We know running a business in the early days can be isolating at times, especially for those trying to accelerate much further and faster than the average business leader. This is even more true for those in the high-end sector, as most early business advisory is catered to the mass market and does not take into account the different approach needed for the luxury industry.

Top performers looking to achieve phenomenal success need to be surrounded by extraordinary minds to be inspired and challenged to reach their absolute highest potential.

Sustainable success is much easier with a high-achieving support group to lean on and market-leading mentors to guide you along the way. You will learn from the approaches used by some of the most desirable and successful businesses in the world, along with transforming your thinking to truly becoming a master of your own success.

This is an initial three month immersion program with live, small group, strategic coaching and mentoring to ensure you have secured the foundations to your success. This can be extended for continued strategic support as your business grows. 

Our Collective is your strategic brand and business partner with no strings, only a shared vision of you flourishing on your own terms.

Who is this for?

This is ideal for high-achieving entrepreneurs who want to lay firm foundations to get their business anywhere from zero to mid-six figures and beyond, so they can start making impact, creating rapid change in their business, brand and life.

It is for those prepared to take inspired action and to start implementing their learnings, while being supportive to their ambitious, elite peer group of leaders on a similar journey. Ultimately, this is for you if you are ready to start creating a transformation to get your business to mid-six figures.

You get global, market-leading, senior advisory that has shaped many of the world's most successful brands, high-growth start ups and design-led businesses.  

This is a done-with-you strategic consulting, coaching and mentoring program, which consists of online live group sessions, as well as activity to be completed each week, with continual support as needed. Groups are kept small and intimate so you will be among a select, highly focused, top performing team of peers.

We advise allowing a few hours a week to get the most benefit from the program. 

About Joon Haque

"I’m passionate about anchoring creativity with a solid commercial foundation that allows creative leaders to live their highest potential.

I launched this Collective to champion incredible creative leaders who put their heart and soul into their work. I want to equip them with the resources to truly thrive on their own terms, so they can continue sharing their gifts for many years to come. Imagine how many people they will touch and inspire through their work. Imagine how much more beautiful the world will be because of it. 

Joon Haque - Senior Brand & Business Advisor;

Founder of Beautiful World Collective

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“Joon is an inspiring mentor and helped me develop my business idea into a sustainable business. She quickly spotted ways I could improve my offering and - most thankfully - free up my time. Working with her has been invaluable, I would still be at the testing stage without her direction and probably not very far along. I'm so grateful I found her.”

Karin, Stockholm - Fashion Label

“Thank you so much. To be honest, I didn’t even know this is what I needed or that this kind of support was possible. ​I felt a bit lost with my business, especially after covid knocking it. But looking back even before that, it wasn’t the best set up as I never knew if I’d have a good year or not. I didn’t have a strong financial plan that I could count on, but now literally, everything has opened up. This has actually changed my life! I’m so grateful. Thank you.”

Alice, Reading - Artist

“I am in slight disbelief at how much has changed since we started working together. I’ve been able to get rid of things that weren’t working and already started implementing a much better offer that people love. Now it’s just a case of doing the work and making this happen. I feel so relieved my business is finally happening after a few years of never really getting it moving.”

Luisa, Windsor - Cosmetics Brand

“Lucky for all of us Joon Haque - a real life visionary - has launched this. If you want to learn, transform and become the best in your field - this is for you. Genius. ”

Jessica, London - Luxury Wellness Therapist

“A rare breed of business minded and a creative whizz. It's uncommon someone has both sides of understanding what makes a commercial success as well as being a creative force, but Joon defies this and presents both in one person. And she's down to earth and great to work with. Always positive and level headed in any situation, she's ace.”

Simon, New York - Men's Grooming Brand

“What a joy. If you are looking for practical business building advice, solid strategy and a flair for creativity - this is it. You found it. Joon and Beautiful World Collective are inspiring and genuinely want you to do well. So generous with ideas. If only more consultancies were like this. ”

Frank, Berlin - Bespoke Accessories Brand

“If you're looking for a great strategist that understands business as well as how to make a luxury brand desirable, Joon is it. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Oliver, London - Artisanal Homeware Brand

“Working with you and your team has really changed the way we think about our brand and our place in this industry. It’s reassuring to know we are building something so strong and I know we’re in a safe pair of hands. Looking forward to continuing this great work with you.”

Miles, London - Creative Director