Thought starters from Joon Haque - Founder

Creative Brand & Business Advisor

Joon Haque has twenty years experience leading brand and commercial development of some of the world's most iconic brands, as well as boutique businesses, across lifestyle, luxury, fashion, automotive and hospitality. She provides senior strategic advisory from C-suite and investors, to business development and creative direction. A keynote speaker, writer, coach and mentor on global luxury and lifestyle branding and business.
Joon Haque - Founder - Beautiful World Collective

The common pitfalls of early-stage luxury and high-end brands

Much of the advice out there is perfect for general business or mass-market brands - but if you're trying to create a luxury or high-end brand, you know that you need a slightly different approach. But, how do you know what to focus on and what to filter out? Let's deep dive into some common pitfalls for luxury and high-end brands that are between 0 to eight figures.

What small and medium sized brands can learn from large globals

It can seem that a large corporation is a world away from the challenges faced by small and medium-sized brands, but in fact there are some things that are still prevalent - just on a different scale. So what can younger brands learn from older ones?

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