We are revolutionising the creative industry, empowering creatives to live their highest potential by fully steering their own success

For all time, creativity and commerce have been at odds. Doing exceptionally well can often be viewed as a closely guarded secret available to only a few. We defy this notion. Success is not a secret, it is a system; it is a strategic choice, realised by informed, consistent action. It is now time for change in this beautiful industry of ours. It is time for a creative revolution.

"I'm passionate about anchoring creativity with a solid commercial foundation that allows creatives to live their highest potential.

This Collective was born out of my 20 year career building some of the world’s most iconic global brands across luxury and lifestyle, through to high-growth start ups and niche, design-led businesses. 

My experience is from both global-network consultancies and in-house, providing senior strategic advisory to C-suite and investors, as well as business development and creative direction.

In my own journey, I discovered even at the highest, best-in-class levels worldwide, most experts can only solve parts of the puzzle.

Very few look at the creative brand and commercial business as a whole entity. Understanding these are two sides of the same coin is vital. I also realised market-leading knowledge and expertise rarely find their way into the creative world until much later in the game - typically after a major investor has become involved - which means brilliant talent is often left to flounder .


Creative-led brands have been a lifelong obsession, so I was compelled to find a way to help more of them thrive during that early stage; for some, their target is to grow beyond eight figures, for others, they're just trying to reach their first seven.

The natural next step for me was to take market-leading thinking and combine it with business strategy specifically tailored for those earlier stages, and apply it to brands who still have the main creator (or team of creators) involved. 

These businesses may have slimmer resources than global super brands, but they also have unlimited inventiveness. And they are sitting with one of their most valuable, untapped assets - the creative themselves. Crucially, I found that when that creative is leveraged properly and enabled to truly thrive, you discover the holy grail of limitless creativity, business freedom and commercial success. It works for the creative, the brand and the business. Unlocking that for our leaders is what we do here.


The combined force of this knowledge, insight and passion is a superpower. Beautiful World Collective is the channel.

I launched this Collective to champion incredible creatives who put their heart and soul into their work. I want to equip them with the resources to truly thrive on their own terms, so they can continue sharing their gifts for many years to come. Imagine how many people they will touch and inspire through their work. Imagine how much more beautiful the world will be because of it. 

Let's lead this creative revolution. It's time."

Joon Haque - Creative Brand & Business Advisor;

Founder of Beautiful World Collective

After 20 years in this industry, my clients range from market-leading luxury goods brands, boutique brands, start ups & investors.

I specialise in advising C-Suite, senior leadership, commercial & operational teams on:

  • Business development from commercial strategy to operational excellence

  • Luxury and high-end branding; product architecture; brand positioning; pricing; integrated sales, marketing & communications; creative direction

  • B2B and B2C optimisation: Channel distribution from wholesale - direct to consumer and e-commerce

  • Developing commercial initiatives - from strategic partnerships and licensing to optimising existing offerings and identifying new ventures

  • Leadership development; team coaching; performance audits

  • Ultimately, helping business leaders develop truly customer-centric brands that are a long-term commercial success

We are the world's only strategic consultancy to take a holistic and expansive approach to building luxury brands and purpose-led businesses, focusing on the creative at the helm.

We offer fully bespoke brand and business strategic consultancy for established creative brands and high growth start ups.

We also offer elite group and private 121 strategic coaching for emerging talent who want to transform their approach to branding, business and creative life.

Whether you choose our bespoke consultancy or coaching programs will depend on your unique goals and where you are in the growth journey. Through following our programs, we also offer ongoing strategic advisory as needed.

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A Support System for A Creative Life

Our Collective is founded on the knowledge that true sustainable success is only possible when we are connected. Working with us gives you access to:

  • Creative Industry Experts

    With 20 years experience across this industry, we have extensive connections across the industry to meet your needs in relation to the size of your business. From the high profile public brand, to the inner logistics of business, or essential leadership training to give you the sharpest edge - we can connect you.

  • Exclusive Networking Events

    A series of creative events and global retreats for industry insiders where you can meet, learn, share and be inspired by the absolute best in the world. As well as public events where you can present your brand with similar high-end creatives, to hyper-targeted audiences - creating your own brand lovers for life.

10% goes into our Beautiful World Fund

As with everything we do, 10% of all proceeds goes straight into our Beautiful World Fund which is split between causes we are passionate about and share our vision of building a more beautiful world.

The main charities we support are:  

The Prince's Trust -  which gives young people across the UK the opportunity to create a better future through employment, education and enterprise. 

QEST - The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust supports the training and education of talented and aspiring craftspeople - supporting Britain's cultural heritage and sustaining vital skills in traditional and contemporary crafts. 

UN OPS - the operational arm of the United Nations, which works hand in hand to fight global inequalities and to provide opportunities to the world's most vulnerable. They help people build better lives and countries achieve peace and sustainable development.

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