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"Learn the principles of my signature Creative CORE program – developed specially to support exceptional Creative Entrepreneurs in building a brand and business that thrives - no matter what.

I’ve spent 20 years building iconic global brands, and high growth start ups, as well as launching my own high-end slow fashion brand.

In these two very different walks of my life - the business and creative side - I found there is often a tension between the two. And no one seems to face this head on - the fact that the creative, the brand and business must support themselves as they grow.

I'm passionate about anchoring creativity with a solid commercial foundation that allows creatives to live their highest potential. I developed the Creative CORE framework so that creatives can do focus on what they love as they build their brand and business - enabling them to have the life they dream of - one where they truly flourish today, tomorrow and always."

Joon Haque - Founder

Creative Brand & Business Leader

The course includes training videos, workbook and templates for your business plan, customer avatars, brand DNA, marketing plan and more.

In 5 days you will learn:

  • What your true purpose is, the gift you offer the world and how to monetise these

  • How the successful think and approach life to always deliver the results they want

  • The fundamentals of business and understanding how your business (or business idea) will be able to offer you the life you dream of

  • Who your real audience is and how to build an aspirational brand they will fall in love with

  • How to use the frameworks and tools of the most desirable and profitable brands in the world

  • The crucial foundations of building and future-proofing a creative high-end brand and business that thrives no matter what

Who is this for?

  • Established Creative Brands

    Whether you are a designer, maker, artist or other creative entrepreneur and have a brand that's up and running, you will learn systems and tools from the most desirable and profitable brands in the world. You will discover how to optimise your offering, take your brand to the next level and future-proof your business for years to come.

  • Emerging Creative Entrepreneurs

    If you are just starting to build your brand and business, now is the perfect time to learn from the most aspirational market leaders, setting yourself up for long-term success and accelerating your growth - all while doing what you truly love.

  • Dabbling Side Hustlers

    If you are searching for a way to turn your passions into a full time business that will allow you to quit your main gig and do what you love all day every day - while also ensuring you have a reliable income that allows you to live the life you want - we will show you how.

10% goes into our Beautiful World Fund

As with everything we do, 10% of all proceeds goes straight into our Beautiful World Fund, helping disadvantaged families across the globe. When we do well, we should all do well. Let's spread the good.

Our current main charity is:

BRAC - which creates opportunities for people in the most disadvantaged countries in the world to realise their full potential. The organisation offers micro-financing, education and support, often focusing on women in society. It is well researched that when these women are empowered, they positively transform not only their own lives, but that of their family and whole community for future generations. 


“Lucky for all of us Joon Haque - a real life visionary - has launched this. If you want to learn, transform and become the best in your field - this instructive and motivational course is for you. Genius. ”

Jessica, London - Luxury Wellness Therapist

“Working with Joon has always been a pleasure. She has a knack for uncovering the main challenges in a business idea, before working up a simple and effective strategy to ensure all parties know what they're doing and can move forwards. If you want clarity in your business and to build brand appeal, this is your woman.”

Lauren, London - Interior Designer

“A rare breed of business minded and a creative whizz. It's very uncommon someone has both sides of understanding what makes a commercial success as well as being a creative force, but Joon defies this and presents both on one person. And she's down to earth and great to work with. Always positive and level headed in any situation, she's ace.”

Simon, New York - Men's Grooming Brand

“What a joy. If you are looking for practical business building advice, solid strategy and a flair for creativity - this is it. You found it. Joon and Beautiful World Collective are inspiring and genuinely want you to do well. So generous with ideas and resources. If only more consultancies were like this. ”

Frank, Berlin - Bespoke Accessories Brand

“If you're looking for a great strategist that understands business as well as how to make a luxury brand desirable, Joon is it. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Oliver, London - Artisanal Homeware Brand

“Joon is an inspiring mentor and helped me develop my business idea into a sustainable business. She quickly spotted ways I could improve my offering and - most thankfully - free up my time. Working with her has been invaluable, I would still be at the testing stage without her direction and probably not making very much money. I'm so grateful I found her.”

Karin, Stockholm - Fashion Label

“Joon has helped my business in ways I didn't believe were possible. I was running successfully for the past seven years until the pandemic dried up all my customers and I almost gave it up. Joon pointed out areas I could add revenue and I am happy to say we got everything back on track. I feel she is part of my team and I hope we work together for many more years to come.”

Eddie, London - Personal Style Consultancy

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% happy with the course, we offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can be as confident of your ongoing success as we are. 

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